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Usually the evening before we leave for an international trip, I am fretting and stewing about the packing - do we have everything we need? Do our suitcases weigh too much? But this trip is so simple I have hardly given it any thought - something I may regret tomorrow night when I notice something important that I didn't bring. We will only be gone for two weeks in a tropical climate, so lots of shorts, a bathing suit, and a few nice clothes for dinner and we are all set. We will be on our favorite airline - Southwest - so it won't cost extra to bring an extra case filled with suits and nice dresses. The suitcases are majorly underweight without any sacrifices from us. We think of ourselves as being unable to pack light. Maybe the real issue is that we usually take long, complicated trips.

We should have left last week when the temperatures were cold and the wind was gusting. But spring has finally made it to metro Chicago and the forecast promises temperatures in the 70ยบ's. The lawn is lush and bright green and colorful blossoms are every where. But as nice as it is here, it will be even nicer where we are going. And having someone serve me gourmet food for two weeks will be a treat.

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