Crawford's Trip 2014 travel blog

All loaded up and ready to go.

Ed is leaning out the window to wave good-bye.

Pretty fall foliage at a rest area somewhere in Indiana.

Cloudy, cool, but beautiful colors.

Whew! After finishing up (almost) our outstanding files at work, closing the office and moving everything to our new office/bedroom at home, packing up the motorhome, getting the house and yard ready for our departure, saying good-bye to all our friends (sad face), we were finally ready to hit the road -- and it was already 3:00 pm. We had joked about we were leaving town on Thursday, even if we only drove to the Walmart in Houghton Lake. (That is about 25 miles west of us!). So even with a late start, we took off and drove about 4 hours south to spend the night at the Walmart in Coldwater, MI.

Coldwater is only a few miles from the Indiana border, so after a good nights sleep in the parking lot (we were exhausted by the time we got there), we passed into our first State before 9:00 a.m. We were on a roll.

Because we are in no hurry, we drove the back roads to Indianapolis and then a scenic "green" dotted, red road to the border of Illinois. (That's map talk) Fall was in full color most of the way but mostly yellows and oranges and golds. Still beautiful to look at, but I missed the red of the maples scattered in there like we saw back in Michigan.

Spent last night in a Walmart parking lot a little east of St. Louis. We were parked amidst lots of big trucks and under a bright parking lot light, but slept like babies. Don't know how we do that with all the distractions, but we don't seem to have any problem.

Had our first "event" last night while I was fixing dinner and one of the double doors on our refrigerator literally came off it's hinges and fell on the floor! To be more precise, it fell on Ed's toe. And as he was trying to see if he could get it back on, it fell again on another toe! I was afraid he had broken his toes, but he assures me he is okay, although both toes are now turning black and blue and purple. Sure hope this is not the year when everything in the RV starts to fall apart. This summer we had to replace the antennae and have the bedroom slide fixed after a part on the awning over the slide broke, so we are already on that path.

Hope you will follow us along as we head West for the winter. I always enjoy hearing from you too, so don't be afraid to comment or let me know what you think.

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