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Luggage ready.

Fred & Jean bid us farewell at the Rochester Airport.

At the airport

In Atlanta. This looked like a "Cleaners School" - it actually was...

Our 767

The travelers

Our route

Dawn over England

We are nearly there

Brussels airport

We begin another adventure, this time to Europe, and in particular to France. Our plan is to get over jet lag by staying a few days in Belgium. This also allows us to miss the poor reputation of the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Our friends, Jean and Fred Lindenhovius drove us to the Rochester airport for our noon flight to Atlanta. We were a bit late in departing due to construction in the Atlanta Airport, but made up for it and got in almost on time. We had a very long wait in Atlanta anyway, so this did not matter. It actually took a bit of searching for a Starbucks which seemed to have lost a number of locations in the gate areas. Our Boeing 767 was already at the gate when we arrived in mid afternoon and departed the gate right on schedule. BUT it had to return to the gate to discharge a piece of luggage that was not supposed to be on board. We never did find out what was undesirable about this luggage, (and we we don’t think we want to know) but we did take off after waiting behind 10 other flights about an hour late. The captain assured us we could make up for the delay in flight - which we did! We tried economy plus seating and found it comfortable and roomy and well worth the small extra expense. Tom watched Spider Man 2 which had some opening scenes filmed on Rochester’s Main Street. He should have stopped at the opening since it was a really bad movie. Anne watched the beginning of “All Is Lost” and quickly switched to “Monument Men.” She recommended that movie, and Tom was happy he saw this docudrama about recovered Nazi art, some of which we were slated to see in Bruges, Belgium.

As out flight crossed over England, the dawn crept in across the sky in a rosy fingered array of splendid light. Soon we were in Brussels, ready to head to Bruges by train.

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