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It was sunny the first afternoon at Beverly Beach State Park. Photo...

Photo by Mary Anne.

Mary Anne was all bundled up against the wind.

The waves were creating a lot of noise.

Awesome waves. Photo by Mary Anne.

The strong wind was creating the spray on the waves. Photo by...

Photo by Mary Anne.

Photo by Mary Anne.

Nick loves romping in the wind on the beach. Photo by Mary...

Yaquina Head Lighthouse in the background.


It was a short walk from our campsite to the beach. The...

Looking from beneath the bridge back at the campground.

Here we are!

Driving through the campground, we saw interesting bases of trees. Photo by...

Photo by Mary Anne.

North of Newport, on our way home, we stopped at the Tillamook...

November 10—13, 2014

On my birthday we took the RV to Portland and stayed overnight at Jantzen Beach RV Park. It’s only a couple of miles from Chris & Kima’s place. Dinner was delicious take-out from a Kenton neighborhood Italian café. Pastas and pizzas were on the dinner table. It was an enjoyable evening.

The weather forecast for Portland was high-winds, cold temperatures, with icy rain and snow later in the week. By the following morning, the cold wind was really blowing as we headed south on I-5. By the time we got out of Portland the “Gorge Effect” had lessened, but the pushy winds never dissipated until we crossed the coastal range west of Salem.

We had reservations for three nights in the Beverly Beach State Campground. It’s a full-hook-up state park just a few miles north of Newport, Oregon. It was the first time we stayed there, even though we’d driven past the campground dozens of times.

As we had several weeks earlier in Seaside, we got together with friends Bill and Marlene. They were in a WorldMark time-share condo just three miles south of the campground. Our time with them was enjoyable, as always.

The day before we pulled out of the campground, all of us were watching Portland’s weather forecast on our smartphones and laptops. That day Portland schools cancelled classes because of icy streets. There was snow in Portland, Vancouver, all the way north to Castle Rock, Washington, and west into Longview.

The next day we decided not to return home through Portland. Instead we took Highway 101 north to Astoria, then went east on Highway 30, crossing into Washington at Longview. The roads were dry, the skies were clear-blue, and the sun was shining!

Oh yeah—Bill and Marlene joined us for lunch at the Bowpicker fish & chips joint in Astoria!

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