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proud new owners

at the campground

About a week before we left for Japan, we zipped up to Grand Rapids and purchased a new (to us) motor home. It felt like an impetuous decision in some ways, but we have been thinking about how long the old one will remain trouble free. We know that we like Dutch Star models and the dealer had put so many photos of the rig on his web site, we knew what it was all about before we even saw it. And the price was right. Today it was time to pick it up.

We are still suffering mightily from jet lag, but it worked to our advantage. Grand Rapids is a four hour drive from our home and in the eastern time zone. But waking up at 2am once again, made it easy to be at the dealership shortly after they opened. We have been very impressed by the support the dealer has provided for a used rig. He checked it over thoroughly and had an engine problem he noticed repaired under warranty. The technician gave us a thorough lesson on those features that are different from what we are used to and we were on our way.

We are spending the first night in our new digs in a lavish resort campground recommended b the dealer a short distance away. This is giving us a chance to try everything out and make sure it all works properly. So far so good. On our way home we will stop in Elkhart to make arrangements to have solar panels installed on the roof since this coach is all electric and we feel uncertain about how long the batteries will last when we boondock.

Next week we will work hard to move everything from the old Dutch Star into the new one and get the old rig ready to sell. It will be fun to have the summer to make our new rig feel like home once again.

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