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Honolulu Airport - mostly open air

Garden area at Honolulu Airport

I spent all day today in a plane or an airport. The reason I had not come to Hawaii before this was that I dreaded the long plane ride. My Nook wouldn't play the Downton Abbey shows I had planned on watching (for reasons yet to be determined) but USAir did show the movie Enough Said with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini and then The Office re-runs so I kept entertained. Normally my "nervous legs" act up on long flights but I wore moderate compression socks and those did help.

The pictures (when they get posted) were taken at the Honolulu Airport. It is mostly open-air. Some of the waiting areas appear to be enclosed and air-conditioned. A layover is not so bad when you can hang out in the beautiful garden spaces and get some sun.

My plane to Hilo left out of the local airlines concourse so I had a hike to my departing gate. It stormed earlier in the day and it was quite humid but 70 degrees so I'm not complaining. I had not eaten all day except for snacks I had taken - pretzels, nuts, crackers, dried fruit and spreadable cheese. The roasted pork dinner at the fast food restaurant at the airport tasted WONDERFUL!!

The taxi ride (about 10 minutes) and check in went well. I unpacked a few necessities and fell asleep almost immediately - it was about 8:30 local time - 1:30 am EST. ZZZZZZZZ!!!

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