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When we got to the washing machine repair facility, the tech was waiting for us. After the four hour delay at the Spartan repair facility, this was not something we took for granted. A short conversation told us that this was a man who knew what he was doing and stopping here to get the door-stuck-closed problem fixed was a good decision. When he pulled the machine out of the cabinet he had nothing good to say about the original installation done by Camping World. He replaced a mother board just in case, but said they had left so much exhaust hose behind the machine that not enough air actually made it through all the twists and turns and exited the vent to the outside. The door malfunction was caused by excessive heat. We have friends whose washer caught on fire. He said it wouldn't get that hot, but it's something that causes me to store a fire extinguisher right next to the washer just in case. He redid the install and by 10am we were on our way, home by lunch. Just to make sure I did a load of laundry while we emptied he motor home. Lo and behold, at the end of the cycle, the door was ready to open.

I was pleased that Splendide, the manufacturer, stood behind their warranty and we did not have to pay for the repair, but it occurred to me that they are victims of the poor installation of their machines. Friends who follow our problems closely, might recall that our previous machine flooded and shorted out because the Camping World installer forgot to put the hose into the drain and the water ran all over.

It will take a few days to catch up with a month of mail and clean and empty the motor home and then we will start getting ready for the next travel adventure.

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