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Rochester Airport

Over the west end of Lake Ontario

Detroit airport

Amsterdam airport

On train to hotel

Arriving in Amsterdam

The big day has arrived and we headed out to the Rochester airport in mid-afternoon (unusual for us to leave in the day). Out plane was right on time and we headed west to Detroit. As we passed over the west end of Lake Ontario, we could see the Niagara river. We had a good 3 hours in Detroit, so we had dinner (airplane food is not a recommended thing). The new Detroit airport is a big improvement over the old airport we remembered from our RIT consulting days.

The plane ride was awful (good for coach though). (We were spoiled by our last trip to Asia in first class.) Anne did not sleep and Tom had a few winks. Plus we seemed to be in the infant zone with screaming 1-year-olds letting it known they were not happy.

The train to Amsterdam was easy AND a kindly couple had given us their all day train pass so it was free. They were going to their plane and the train ticket was no longer useful to them.

Amsterdam is amazing with its criss-crossed canals and one way streets.

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