Winter in the Desert - 2013 travel blog

and see what sticks. That's pretty much what the repair tech at HWH did today. When Ken pushed the button the jacks did not work. When the junior tech pushed the button they did not work. When the senior tech pushed the button they did work. Makes diagnosis a real challenge. Since we have already replaced about 75% of the gizmos that transmit the signal from the button to the jack mechanism, they went ahead and replaced the other 25%. They worked on things for about three hours and did not charge us a thing. When we left the jacks were working. But they worked when we left the last two times. We could not have been treated better. If the jacks are still working three campgrounds from now, we will feel a lot less wary.

We can't believe how cold it is here at home. I wore the same parka to unpack the rig that I wore in December to get ready to leave. We will have to leave the RV furnace running a few days so that Ken won't have to re-winterize the water lines. What happened to spring?

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