Our Trip to Southeast Asia 2012 (Around the World in 27 days) travel blog

Our driver had his "pet" dog in the windshield

Our ornate hotel

Intricate wood work


Waiting in the Paro Airport

Remembering Bhutan

The five kings of Bhutan

Druk Air ready to fly us to Bangkok


A quick overnight in Bangkok

An early morning flihgt to Tokyo then on to San Francisco

The sunrise in Bangkok



Over the Pacific

Eddie, the dog on the treadmill! At Linda & Don's.

Dinner at Alexander's ......

.... with Chuck & Greg

The newly remodeled "Topaz Sky Lounge."

View from Greg's home ("Topaz Sky Lounge").

A really good harbor tour


Golden Gate Bridge



Chuck & Greg

The "Rock"


A visit to the science center

Dungeness Crab!

Chuck, Greg, Jeremy, Anne

We see Jeremy off on the Cal Train. We leave a few...

Sunset over Newark

Home and unpacking. It was a wonderful trip!

Nov 13 (Tue.) - Nov. 19 Going Home

We stayed overnight in Bangkok and departed to Japan for our flight across the Pacific to San Francisco where we would spend a few days with our friends Linda and Don and then the weekend with our son, Greg and his partner Chuck.

We practically collapsed at Linda's and had some very nice "wind down time" with excellent meals. We got to meet her newest dog, Eddie, who got his exercise on the treadmill!

While in San Francisco, we had a harbor tour and enjoyed Greg's newly remodeled house. One dinner was Dungeness Crab which had just come into the season. What a treat!

Jeremy, our son-in-law was attending a conference on organic farming and joined us for an afternoon on Sunday.

We left early on Monday morning and experienced the only airline mix-up when our plane from SFO was delayed for nearly 2 hours while we sat on the tarmac along with almost all other flights scheduled for take-off. We just made our connection in Newark by running down 5 gates to our departing flight back to Rochester. We had actually made an around the world flight (by flying east to Hong Kong from Newark at the start) over the 27 days of this adventure, and we were glad to be home - at least for a month or so, before we head off in our RV for Florida in January and February.

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