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"I can't make it to the plane, carry me"

"I'm flying"

Las Vegas from the airport

Camo Man

Frog Legs? MMM MMM Good

So the first day. Hmm. Well I've been on a plane only 3 times in my life, including today, so that was exciting! The take off from Oakland was fun. I looked at the window and was so excited. Whoa, we were going super fast. First, the front wheels were off the ground then the back. But, you probably knew that. When we got to Norfolk, I saw a lot of camo. Navy camo and army camo. I must have seen ten people wearing camo, and than I saw my pants. For my shirt, I wore a San Francisco Giants shirt, but I was wearing camo pants. "Cole," I asked, "Is it ok for me to wear camo?" "Dude," he said, trying to look cool, "Just say that you are suporting the troops." Nobody asked but I would have been fine. So that's the story of my first day.

Sam (The camo man)

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