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on my second leg filling in more time between flights. Singapore yesterday was a long one but in the end turned out very well. I had a foot massage at the Fish Spa (If you check out the last trip you can see photos) I was pretty tired when it started because of late night cleaning up and morning start to the airport. (I think it's related to Mums 'thing' that you should always wear good underclothes when you go out in case you have an accident and the ambulance people see your holey underwear!! Where does that nonsense come from?? Anyway maybe mine is as bad, having to leave everything tidy cleaned and mopped. Wouldn't want to shame my kids if I had an accident!! and they had to go in with others to my mess!

Anyway after the foot massage the lady had found out I had a wait before my flight so went and got me another cup of herbal tea. She then produced a blanket and said "you sleep". So I did. The only other thing I did was have a coffee on Craig. the $10 singaorean dollars got me a coffee and very nice chicken curry pie and $5 change. Thanks Craig

Flight was a good one. Premium economy may not be flat bed sleeping but I think it was the old business class seats before quantas/BA moved to seats that convert to beds in business. SO I slept again.

There have been changes. I didn't miss all the nibbles they used to give you, but I did miss the wake up in the morning with the steamy face cloth. Now its wake up and have your breakfast.

I was going to have a shower when I reached London but that service is either no longer available or at least not in Terminal 5. I hadnt put perfume in my carry on luggage, to hide any smells. SO Ive solved the problem but trying out a free perfume sample in the duty free area.

Other than all airports looking a bit the same, Singapore is much better set up to find your way around with maps all over of where every thing is in all terminals. They also have very good free wireless connections. Here in Heathrow there are no maps other than to gates and though there is supposedly free wireless connection, its so low its useless (as I was told in the coffee shop and at the service desk!) If you want to use the internet. you have to pay. SO here I am paying £1 per 10 minutes!!

What I do like about this airport is listening to all the intersting destinations and to the wide variey of langauges. At the coffee shop there were calls to staff like "does anyone speak spanish?" and a portuguese speaker responded to see if he could help.

Looking forward to Copenhagen

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