Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Doesn't this look good!? I wish I had had it done years...

A glimpse of Lake Mead in the distance

Browsing the jewelry displays

Some beautiful turquoise / coral / stone / silver necklaces here

Neat rock formations at Willow Beach

Camping at Willow Beach

One of the Willow Beach picnic areas

The water level SHOULD be at the top of the white area


Not too much that I can remember for this date since I’m writing this on the 7th. I DO remember that we went over to B & B’s (Bunk and Brenda) for dinner … corned beef. And while that was cooking, the four of us went in search of a new geocache down the street from their house.


Well! Bunk and Brenda are regulars at the Santa Fe Station Casino and their casino host has been after them to come and have a comped dinner at one of the casino’s restaurants so off we went last night to The Charcoal Room. They’ve been here before and warned us to make sure we brought a good appetite along with us. And that we did. We started off with a cold seafood platter that we shared then Brenda had delicious potato soup, Bob had hearts of lettuce salad and I had a shrimp cocktail. Forgot what Bunk had. Then I ordered the salmon, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus (loved the asparagus … very, very good!!!) while Bob had a New York Strip steak, a huge bowl of mushrooms and the sautéed asparagus. Both Brenda and Bunk had filet mignon. Everything was absolutely delicious, elegantly served, and very professionally presented. And yes, we did take doggie bags home! I tell you, the casinos treat their regulars quite well out here!!


Took the truck down to have a spray-in liner installed. I couldn’t find any Rhino Liner people around Las Vegas so took it to Line-X in Henderson. While it was there, Bunk picked me up and we went to the Audi dealer to check on the arrival time of his car from Germany and then we went geocaching. Poor Bunk got disappointing news. His car is going to be 3 weeks later than originally stated.

Did some geocaching and then went back for my truck. Boy, does it ever look GOOD!!! If anyone out there has a truck, I wholeheartedly recommend you get a sprayed liner. If you don’t look at the rest of the truck, you’d think it was brand new. I am really glad we got it done. Now I have to sand and paint the hitch rails and hopefully Bunk will sand and spray the hitch since it’s over at his house.


Bob and I took off early-ish and drove down through Boulder City to Lake Mead. Drove across the new Hoover Dam bridge and stopped at an overlook along the highway ‘cause there were lots of cars there so we figured the view must be great. Would you believe all those cars (about 8) belonged to the local Indians who had sheets out on the sidewalk and were selling their hand-made jewelry. And it was beautiful. Bob bought me a pretty multi-colored stone wrap bracelet. I’d like to go back again with some money and get a few more items.

We continued our drive down to Willow Beach and drove through the campground there. Very nice campground on the hills along the river. The Colorado River is still way below its normal level but one man we met said it was 20’ up from last year. I surely hope there’s lots of snow north of here this winter to bring that level up even further.

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