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Okay, so I'm going to ride my bicycle across Canada this summer. What? when we have good infrastructure to vehicle it, to train it, to plane it and you want to ride your bicycle.


I have wanted to ride across Canada for some time now. It didn't happen because I had to work. And then when I didn't have to work anymore I didn't think I was strong enough to do the ride on my own. Not to switch off with another rider but to carry my gear for three months and 8000 kilometers.

Then along came the Tour du Canada group. More accurately I became aware of them. They have been taking groups of cyclists across Canada for over twenty years. And I was onto them like a leach. Don't leave without me.

This was in the spring of 2011 when I signed up with them and became a member of the Tour du Canada. Part of my application asked what year I was interested in. 2012!!, don't leave without me. They were still concerned about the 2011 ride. I wanted on the 2012 ride.

The Tour du Canada takes up to 40 riders on a journey across Canada. There is a truck to carry gear and cooking equipment. The riders get to cook for each other.

For most of the trip campgrounds are the overnight stay of choice. Cool.

I'm going on this year's group. The group of riders doesn't meet up till late June. In the meantime there is plenty of training I have to do. And a few things to accumulate that I will need on the road.

That's the introduction of the ride.

A quick introduction of me. I turn sixty this summer. I have been retired from construction administration (project superintendent) for a couple years now. I am married with no kids around and no cats to look after. I'm free to go. My wife was quick to give her blessing to this journey. The quickness made me wonder.

As for riding bicycle, I have been riding forty years. Not continuously but enough to know what I am getting into.

Come along for the ride.

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