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Carpe Diem at Val Vista RV Resort

Sunday, 01 Jan: Happy 2012 to all!!! Here we are chilling out (literally and figuratively) in Casa Grande, Arizona. We'll be here for a few weeks while we offer our bodies to the Mayo Clinic for poking, prodding, needling, and other trials and tribulations.

Once we've endured those hardships (at least we'll meet our 2012 Medicare deductibles early) we're off for winter adventures. We're getting ready to roll wheels again.

Monday, 02 Jan: Today we moved Carmen and Domingo's coach from storage at a local RV dealer to a space three down from ours here at Val Vista. They'll be returning to Arizona after a month of "granny-fixes" in Michigan and asked us to get their coach situated and plugged in. We'll start their fridge once we know their ETA.

Sunday, 08 Jan: The Davilas arrived late last evening after a marathon drive from west Texas. Those folks sure know how to put on the miles. It is good to see them. They're good friends to have around.

This past Thursday we left the coach at 0530 and drove to the Mayo Clinic so Sandi could have a procedure. She was finished by 1030, but the meds stuck around so she spent most of the rest of the day in bed or napping on the couch. Must be really good meds...

Friday we replaced the chassis battery bank trickle charger. We'd been noticing that the chassis batteries (two of them) were "sagging" while parked and without the main engine running. A gizmo called "Trik-L-Start" is supposed to keep the chassis batteries charged, but wasn't working. When we use the coach regularly it isn't a problem, but when parked for weeks on end it becomes an issue.

Sandi called the manufacturer, who sent us a replacement unit at ½ price. We installed it and the chassis batteries are now happily charged. It was an easy fix, except for the 18 or so screws Winnebago used to secure the access plate.

Friday, 13 Jan: Happy Friday the Thirteenth to all our triskaidekaphobic friends. We aren't superstitious, but staying at home seems like a lovely idea. We do love these days without going anywhere.

Wednesday we tackled a major project, replacing the outside shower assembly in the water bay. We don't shower outside, but the outside shower is a convenient source of water for filling large buckets and washing off dirty stuff. The faucet assembly went pear shaped when we were in Box Elder this past August and we capped it off. Bob bought a new fixture, but we never got around to installing it until this week. It was a real bear, but the installation went without a hitch and we're happy it's behind us.

Yesterday another project—setting up our new 45 gallon portable water tank. We'll be boondocking quite a bit this year and want an additional source of potable water. Camping World finally put their 45 gallon water bladders on sale and we gobbled one up.

We had to get the appropriate fittings so the coach's water pump could transfer the water from the bladder (carried in Dinkum's trunkj) to the water tank. Home Depot had what we needed and we did a trial transfer, which went without a hitch.

Future plans: Our near term plans are:

♦ Wed, 18 Jan: Drive to Lake Havasu City, AZ

♦ Thu, 19 Jan: Carpe gets upgraded MCD shades installed

♦ Fri, 20 Jan: Drive to Quartzsite, AZ for Quartzsite & WIT 365 rallies

♦ Fri/Sat, 27/28 Jan: Return to Casa Grande

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