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A calm Drake Passage

A typical dinner menu

Our waiter

Our wine steward


Alexix, Anne, Kathy - our dinner companions at the chocolate extravaganza!

An Antarctic sunset

The Captain


Baked Antarctica



Capr Horn

Cape Horn

Ushuaia harbor

High winds kept us waiting for this cargo ship to leave the...


At the Ushuaia airport


Back in Buenos Aires


Buy chocolate! A good way to use up our pesos!

Moon over Colombia as we head to Atlanta


Sunrise in Atlanta


One last remembered sunset from Antarctica

Voyage Home - Monday - Nov 28 - Thursday Dec. 1, 2011

Today we began our 7,500 mile voyage from the bottom of the world back to Webster. Unlike our first crossing of the Drake Passage with monstrous waves, this was relatively calm with only 10 foot waves at its worst. There was a lot of time to devote to preparing the pictures for this trip journal and the expedition staff had at least 2 lectures in the morning and afternoon to while away the hours. More passengers were at meals than during the first crossing and we enjoyed sumptuous lunches, dinners and were allowed to sleep in for a later breakfast on the two days at sea. The farewell dinner was topped off with "Baked Antarctica" complete with dancing waiters. There were opportunities for glorious Antarctica sunsets with sea birds which followed us throughout the voyage.

The Drake had been so calm, that we made good time and arrived at the southern tip of South America and near the Beagle Channel many hours before the pilot would board, bring us up the channel and into Ushuaia. We were treated to a view of Cape Horn which was alternatively socked in or just somewhat clear.

We were almost in Ushuaia when we awoke on our disembarkation day. However, the wind had picked up and was right on our nose, blowing a gale. The dock space we were assigned was occupied by a container ship and it could not get off since it was being blown into the dock. However by waiting for lulls in the wind, it did move away and we did the same waiting game, docking about an hour later than scheduled.

Because our flight back to Buenos Aires was moved up an hour and because we had docked late, we decided to go straight to the Ushuaia airport where we began our 7,222 mile airline trip that would take 24 more hours. With our last pesos, we stocked up on Cadbury chocolate. As we winged over Colombia, we watched a crescent moon set in the west. In Atlanta, we had our first Starbucks in 4 weeks and boarded our last-leg Delta jet to Rochester.

As we reflect on this trip we realize it has been one of our most fantastic adventures. Thanks for traveling with us. We hope you enjoyed our experiences.

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