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As soon as we boarded the plane last night we were struck by how old the flight crew was. On the flight to Iguazzu Falls the flight attendants were striking young women, but the folks on United looked like they could have been my classmates.

With all that experience they were more than competent and we were plied with food and drink from the moment we hit our seats in Business Class. The warm nuts seemed especially decadent. Table linens and real flatware are not our usual economy class experience.

But a ten hour flight is a bear, even in business class. Our chairs reclined and had some adjustable features, but after half a night's sleep, the body was not happy. Seated at the front of the plane, we were among the first ones off and we reached the immigration officers before they had a chance to wake up. As Business travelers our luggage had priority tags so it was among the first to appear on the carousel. Our flight landed at 6:25, we were in the limo before 7 and the drive home went like lightening on the empty snow-free expressway. It will take a few days to overcome the four time zones we passed through today, but this was a wonderful end to amazing trip.

Note to self: Charge everything you buy so that you can fly for free in Business Class on the next long trip.

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