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couchsurfers from Texas, Penn state, and Australia

Dude on the right is from Sri Lanka ;)

At the 3rd (or was it 4th pub?!) during the Pub Crawl

Shennanigans everywhere you looked

Couchsurfers taking over the Metro

The main man who organized the 1st Annual Texas Couch Crash, fellow...

One side of the table....

....and the other side of the table

our Mel

I'm finally all packed and manage to get a few hour of sleep before Mindy comes to pick me up to take me to the airport in Abilene. From Abilene to DFW and then from DFW to Houston, where I rent a car and attempt to navigate Houston. The 1st Annual Texas Couch Crash was already in full swing by the time I arrive. I of course managed to get lost from the time that I picked up the rental car, to where I was supposed to meet the group of CSers that were just hangin out. Finally did manage to make it there tho. We chatted for a bit then I took 2 of Mel's surfers back to her place (the Australian and his phone's GPS guided us there) There were 8 surfers that my friends Mel and Ash were hosting for the night at their place. The air was filled with excitement and anticipation of the upcoming events. On the agenda for Friday night was Speed Friending at a local bar, and from there it was off to the Pub Crawl.

I ate an amazing burger (w bacon n avacado) during speed friending, and had some terrible (to me) wine. There were folks from all over that came to this couch crash....Australia, Penn state, Arkansas, Kansas, Cali, China, and France just to name a few. Even got to meet up with my ol cs friends Jerrod n Becca, whom I had first met at the very first CS event I had gone to about 2 yrs ago!

On to the pub crawl. Where I of course lost my camera. And had to trek across a field to get it back. Jerrod took the wheels out of his Heelys (sp?) and him n Zach (from San Antonio) walked me across the field so I wouldn't be alone to go collect the lost camera. Thanks guys. There was a spot where we had to cross the metro rail. Yup, you guessed it. I tripped on it and almost ate the rail. Thanks again to Zach for saving me from almost certain death, ok well, at least a bloody nose. We got on the metro and rode a while. Jerrod convinced me to eat, and then promptly threw it all back up 5 blocks later (while he took pictures of the whole event). I blame that incident solely on Jarrod. He shoulda just got me another beer instead of making me eat. He is firmly aware of the mistake he made now and has promised to never do it again. We all finally ended up at the Flying Saucer, where Mel magically came to scoop us all up n take us to our respective homes.

Mel was a sweetheart and let me use her bathroom to take a quick shower. Usually with so many new people around, I would have wanted to try and stay awake and visit for as long as I could, but since I had to be out of the house by 7am, I decided to crash and burn early. Slept that amazing sleep that you can only get when you are nice and toasty. And by the grace of something (don't really think God was keen on helping me with this) I managed to get the rental car back to the airport on time with a full tank o gas, catch the shuttle to the airport, get thru security in record time, and make it to my gate with plenty of time to spare for some good ol people watching. Ooooh AND I snagged some breakfast and snacks for the trip. Score. Thanks Houston, you always manage to show this girl a great time, and this trip was no exception.

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