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July 24, 2011: After depositing our daughter at camp in the Poconos - her second year there and more than happy to go back! As soon as we carried her bags to the cabin - she basically shooed us out the door. We were free! We continued up I-81 through New York. On the way, we decided to stop for ice cream. We found an awesome ice cream shop called Super Cream in Homer, NY. It had tons of softserve flavors (flavored with some kind of syrup), but also quite a few homemade, which we both had - large servings and fairly inexpensive!

We arrived in Ogdensburg, NY (at my aunt's house) right on time for dinner. We had some wine by the river and then a wonderful Indian dinner home cooked by my uncle.

July 25, 2011: Waking up and dressing for tennis, we were disappointed to emerge to utter downpour...change of plans! We spent the morning watching the rain and reading on our Kindles. I finished a book called The Help (which happens to be coming out in movie form next month) - highly recommended! We made some scrumptious zucchini bread with the loads of zucchini we had brought with us from our gardens. Then headed out to the Remington Museum - it's located in his family's house in Ogdensburg - much of Frederic Remington's original art work and bronze sculptures. A nice stop in picturesque downtown Ogdensburg.

Heading back home, we engaged in conversation with another of my aunt's houseguests. She was fascinating to talk to as she had left the Amish community years before. She talked very openly about and we learned so much. All I can compare it to would be like talking to Laura Ingalls in the present day. She had gone to a one room schoolhouse and had made all of her own clothes and was very isolated from the civilized world that any of you reading this live in.

There had been much talk about bridge and the afternoon ended with lessons from my aunt and uncle on how to play. So, now we're armed and dangerous!

We had a nice dinner at Gran View Restaurant. Food was good - a little pricey and noisy atmosphere, but I got the impression it was busier than normal.

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