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Greetings and welcome!

I hadn't planned on running an online journal while I was away this time but as I've just discovered Facebook is banned in Beijing how else can I keep people updated without doing those annoying group emails?

I won't be sending out update notices this time so feel free to check back anytime and see if your next installment of arm chair traveling is available.

I arrived 6am local time and spent a considerable amount of time gazing at the baggage carousel before accepting that I had been stood up by my most faithful traveling companion; my beloved backpack. Some complicated paperwork later and assurance that it will turn up I caught a taxi to the Happy Dragon Hostel (feeling more like a cranky dragon myself). The wonderful Boris will be flying in tomorrow (and just quietly I'm busting with excitement after not seeing him for 4 months!) and then the adventures will begin. I left Sydney looking like it needed to pair up the animals and send in an ark and Beijing is shrouded in a fog so thick I can hardly see 5m ahead....I did also forget my glasses so that probably doesn't help?,

This isn't even a real update to be honest, more just a howdy! I've got far more important things to be tracking down Air China baggage handlers. I mean really, how can you lose a bag on a direct flight from Sydney to Beijing? Perhaps they were after my Crocs....

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