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Buongiorno from Italy!

We arrived safely on Thursday afternoon. The upgraded seats on Air France worked great for Dar and I. John and Lori didn't sleep on the way over…probably has to do with being excited, the tightness of the seats for a man John's size and all the movies a man could watch for 10 hours! (Not to mention each person gets their own channel changer! )

We took the water bus to San Marco square and found our hotel right away. The weather was pretty warm…everyone took a shower and we were ready to take in Venice. We walked through the San Marco square, had appetizers in a small trattoria not far off the main drag and then headed to a small restaurant called vino e vino. We managed to keep John and Lori awake through dinner (barely) and then we had an hour long gondola ride with an accordion player and singer! Magical!

The next morning we got to St. Mark's basilica right before 10:00 and managed to beat the crowds. From there we hightailed it through the Rialto area and over to the Frari. Both of these sights were awesome. Friday in Venice was cool and windy… so windy that Lori lost half a sandwich to a gust that took hold of a napkin! We got lost only once and really just backtracked about 100 yards to our turn.

We splurged and took a water taxi to the boat…best use of money while in Venice! We were delivered right to the terminal and I think the whole check in process took maybe 10 minutes.

We sailed out of Venice at about 7:00. We had drinks on the deck and waved to all the other cruise ships departing at the same time. Dinner was at the assistant cruise directors table. She is also a lounge singer so we spent the evening in the lounge after dinner. That was hard to shake off this morning! Dry day for Mary!

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