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They have golden buildings in Shreveport...lousy roads but golden buildings.

Welcome to Texas

Our campsite at Texas Trails RV Park

The geocache gang!!

Some metal structures

Some more structures


Left the Pavilion RV Park at 10:30 after first going across the street for diesel and getting our propane tanks refilled.

The trip was pretty easy until we got to Shreveport, Louisiana and then, wow, that road was HORRENDOUS. I had to slow down to 40 mph and we were still bouncing all over the place. This road even beat Pennsylvania roads for bad condition. When we finally got to camp, I found my desk chair tipped over, the printer fell off it’s table (it has NEVER done that before), and Taco’s food dish was completely flipped over upside down. Thank goodness our TV was still hanging right where it belongs. That road really upset me.

WELCOME TO TEXAS – 12:30 and 113 miles

Arrived at the Texas Trails RV Park around 3:00. It’s a very unpretentious park in a little wooded area along Route 19, about 10 miles south of Canton, Texas. Nothing here but trees…and dark. I’m going out a little later to see if I can see the meteor shower. It has 18 long pull-thru spaces and there are 4 other campers here…and lots of killdeer. And trees. But we get pretty good TV reception with our antenna.

TOTAL TIME: 4 ½ hours and 233 miles

I was admiring one fellow’s truck here at the campground and asked if he would like to give it to me. He said he just got it today. He had a 3000+ sq. ft. log home about 6 miles from here that burned completely to the ground about 6 weeks ago. He and his wife could save absolutely nothing except the pajamas they had on. They’d lived in it for 27 years so there was a lot to lose. They lost 5 parrots but were able to save their cats and dogs. That is so absolutely sad. I cried just hearing his story. The trailer and truck were paid for from some of the insurance money and they’ll live here until they get the rubble cleaned up and then he’ll build a pad and move the trailer back home. He said they may or may not rebuild…doesn’t know yet. I just cannot imagine how devastating it would be to lose your whole “history” and yet it happens every day…through floods, fires, tornados, etc.

Let us all remember to be thankful for what we have, people, each and every one of us.


I drove up to Emery, TX today to meet the kids we had first met in Quakertown. What a wonderful “reunion”. They are currently living with their Gram in Greenville TX. We went to Sonic for lunch then did a couple of geocaches…just like old times. I do so enjoy their company! We will be sure to meet up with them again on our return trip...wherever they may be.

Sat outside for about 5 minutes last night to watch the Geminid meteor shower. Saw about 5 long ones before something went trotting down the other side of the lane in front of me, rustling the leaves, and I decided it was time to come inside. It is warmer tonight so I’ll go out again…this time taking Bob with me!!

Taco had some sort of seizure this morning while I was getting up. He did that weird cry that Pounce had done that one time and then just sort of froze. He seems okay now; wonder what it was.

I’d like to stay in the area another day but that will cut down on our schedule so tomorrow we’re off to Abilene, TX. I have decided I do not like traveling like this…one day here, 2 days there. And by traveling like this, we don't get any interesting pictures for the blog. I think that after the parade, we will just do some SLOW wandering around California for a bit then head back to Texas…stopping at some of the places I would have liked to have spent more time in on the way out. We'd also like to head to northern CA if we can find a route that isn't too bad.

Canton is the home of the First Monday Trade Days which occurs the last Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of a month. This is a very huge market with over 7000 vendors. I think it might be nice to attend this event once but I doubt you could see all there is to see in just 4 days. We thought the flea market in Donna, TX was big; it sounds like this is 4x larger!! Someone told us there’s nothing but bumper-to-bumper traffic and I can imagine some of the locals would get a bit miffed at the whole thing.


When I checked the truck oil in preparation for today’s journey to Abilene, I noticed it was low on oil. So I drove to the post office in town to mail some stuff and asked the women there if they knew of a reputable garage. They recommended Milan’s Auto Repair right up the road so off I went.

Milan checked it out and said the seal around the front plate was leaking. Evidently, someone, somewhere had had the front plate off and reinstalled it using silicone instead of a gasket. He also said he couldn’t do the work but he recommended two other places that would be able to handle it. He put 3 quarts of oil in for me and I was then on my way to Sulphur Springs to the first place he recommended. They looked at it there and said basically the same thing but they wouldn’t be able to work on it ‘til Monday!! I’ve got a little cushion built in to our travels but not 5 days worth so back to Canton to the second place, Taylor Automotive.

The fellow at Taylor actually put the truck up on a lift and cleaned it off so he could see what was what under all the oil. I asked about the silicone vs. gasket and he said they went to the silicone about 2 years before my truck was born so the silicone was right. But he found out it wasn’t leaking at the seal but further forward. And yes, they could work on it that day. So I waited….and waited…and waited….and finally peeked into the shop and was aghast to see 4 mechanics looking under the truck’s hood! I went out and evidently, the part that had to be removed was stuck on there so tightly no one could get it off. Ended up they had to take all the front innards out to be able to torque this thing off and even then they had problems and they weren’t going to be able to get it done in one day. They gave me a ride back to the trailer and that’s where we’re sitting now….Thursday morning…waiting for their call. Sometimes I sort of wonder if God is telling us we shouldn’t be going to the parade for some reason.

Taco had another “episode” about 4 a.m. this morning. He seems okay now. We’re going to have to get him to a vet to see what’s what.

Picked up the truck this afternoon. It’s now sitting in front of the trailer, ready to take us on the next leg of our journey….on to Abilene!

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