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Day 1: Forest Grove to Weed, CA.

Well, we finally made it. Sort of mixed feelings today, as I leave Mom behind (we waved at each other when I went past her window on my way out of the parking lot), and head over to pick up Ryan. Ryan had to work this morning, so I drove to a point across the street from his complex and waited for him to join me. I'm glad he was able to join me during the first few days of this adventure, as it helped to take my mind off of Melinda not being there. I also think it actually helped with this transition by being in Forest Grove for the past month. Even though I had left Newport, I was still in the region, so it haddened quite felt like I was gone. I think it helped reduce that "moving away" feeling one gets when they leave their home.

My intention was to get as far as Roseburg today, since Ryan and I were leaving after noon. I wasn't too excited about traveling at night, especially over the Siskiyou pass.

The one nice thing about this trip, is that there is a lot of flexibility. We made pretty good time, and got to Roseburg with lots of daylight left, so we kept going. As we continued south, the weather was being cooperative, and I didn't know what to expect for Wednesday going over the pass, as preliminary weather reports were calling for colder temps and possibility of rain and/or snow. I've always felt it better to go over these passes towards the end of the day after the temps have risen; so, we (I) decided to go for the pass that night. Obviously, by this time it was very dark, but the temp was 41 degrees, the roads were dry, and the sky was clear. So, we went for it - and I'm glad we did. Piece o' cake!

The plan now was to stop at Yreka and just get a motel for the night, as it was cold by this time, and neither of us was too excited about setting up the trailer. The motel we stopped at didn't have space for the trailer, so we continued on to Weed. Temp dropped to 26 degrees that night, but we had time for a nice dinner that evening. Had some very good catfish!

Travel Time: 6 1/2 hours; 12:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Distance: 375 Miles

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