Rick and Susan's Summer Adventure 2010 travel blog

Crow Bar (1) Coach (0)


No Worries...Time for breakfast while we wait for roadside assistance

Susie's all smiles!

And so am I!

Day One started with a BANG...Or should I say a blow out! After spending the night at the Duchene's we were heading to service to drop the coach off. I noticed a metal object in the road that another car had just passed over. That metal object turned out to be a crow bar. I can tell you...It is impossible to make quick maneuvers on tight city streets in a 50,000 pound vehicle. Rock...Paper...Sissor...Coach...CROW BAR...Crow Bar wins! One thing we learned very fast...Don't be in a hurry AND be flexible with your schedule! We treated ourselves to a nice breakfast while we waited for roadside assistance to bring a new tire. Two hours later we were back on the road. NOTE TO SELF...RENEW ROAD HAZARD WHEEL AND TIRE COVERAGE WHEN IT EXPIRES!

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