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Jambo from Africa! Having arrived in Nairobi, we made our way via bus to Arusha in Tanzania where we would start our safari. We were introduced to Raphael who was our guide and over the next five days, we travelled to Lake Manyara, the Serengeti, Lake Masek and Ngorongoro. Together with the stunning scenery and very bumpy tracks we saw, and on many occasions came within touching distance of, some amazing wildlife, including; Elephants, Lions (with cubs), Giraffes, Hippos and Cheetahs hunting. At night we stayed in tented lodges, some more remote than others and we would often have to be escorted to/from the tent when dark by a guide to protect us from any wild animals which might be roaming within the area. We hope you enjoy just a selection of our many photos!

The people in Tanzania were very friendly. I was surprised to see many car stickers supporting the main UK football clubs, or the locals wearing the shirt of their favourite team. Anywhere you go, you will be sure to spark a football related conversation!

A fact that I learnt was that African women can carry up to 30 litres of liquid on their head. They seemed to walk quite freely without any effort to hold or to balance the load. So perhaps it was time for me to stop complaining about my heavy backpack!

All in all, we recommend a safari to anyone who’s interested. Looking back, amongst all of the amazing scenery and animals, a couple of things made me laugh along the way (sorry Kev):

1. The way that Kev generally slipped, fell or rolled around the safari truck when he’d missed the advice to “hold on”.

2. Kev’s excitement when first seeing a herd of elephants near the truck, by running from one end of the truck to the other squealing (yes, squealing) “elephaaaaaaannnnnts”.

3. Kev’s fear of Tsetse flies (which carry a sleeping virus). At one point he concentrated on swatting any fly which came near him (and believe me, there were quite a few) with the provided fly swatter, and yes you guessed it, I was swatted and Raphael was very close to being swatted too! At that point, the fly swatter was removed.

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