Larry & Cheryl's 2010 Travels travel blog

California State Line

Crossing the Colorado river border between AZ & CA

Southern California desert welcomes us home.

We got an early start before it got too hot. Thank goodness it got cooler as we traveled into California. It became overcast into L.A. and Orange County.

We found our way to our Garden Grove Elks Lodge and set up, showered, picked up a rental car as I headed to my doctor for medication (I've been coughing for days) Larry took our truck to the CAT dealer to have them fix the A/C and look at the transmission.

Sorry we didn't get to see the Chesapeake and Washington D.C. on this trip because the hurricanes were heading up the east coast, we were still glad to be back with family and friends in California.

It was a fun trip through the south and meeting and reuniting with old friends and relatives. Since reading James Michner's CHESAPEAKE we were longing to see that area, so we will go back to catch it another time.

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