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Today is a travel day. We left Regina and landed in Calgary with just enough time for a quick coffee and donuts, then over to Vancouver. We had 45 minutes to clear a Canadian customs search, a American customers interview, and had to sprint to the plane just in time to hear the last boarding call. There was no time to stop for supper, but I knew they would feed us on the plane.

Up in the air at supper time, we couldn’t order because we didn't have a menu.

The stewardess gave us a menu, but she didn't come back because turbulence settled in. When the shaking stopped, we still didn’t see a meal. When we told the stewardess we still haven’t eaten, she told

us to get up and go to the back of the plane and choose what was left over.

After a 5 hr or 6 hr flight ( I lost count ) we landed, picked up the rental, car, got the hotel, and went to bed.

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