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Hello family and friends:

Well we are on an adventure and an adventure it has been. Since leaving home we have been through rain, wind snow, blizzard, sun, wind, and tomorrow 4" of freezing rain or 2 feet of snow. We will not know until we wake up. This is the first time in a camp ground and it is very quiet. No generator or trucks running outside our bedroom windows. However, the wind is howling again. It was sunny today with some wind high of 71. How can anyone believe it will be 28F when we wake up in the morning.????

There has not been a day go by that we have not had a problem with the motor home. All the more reason to take it back to the factory in Oregon for those of you who do not know where we are headed. We froze up the second night after going through -20C. We were driving in high winds and snow had just started when we arrived at the Flying J truck stop. We tried to get between trucks so they would protect us from the wind, but too many came and went until the road was shut down. Next morning we went out and bought another heater and put it in the basement. Travelling down I80 there were over 200 trucks and cars in a 200 mile radius all turned over stuck or in an accient. It was not a pretty site.

Tonight, we are finally sitting in a rv park in Oklahom city on I80 Exit 242. We are waiting for the next big storm to go through. Possibly will be here until Monday according to the truckers. The storm is coming from the south and is bringing with it freezing rain and snow. We have been advised to stay off the roads until further notice. We will see tomorrow what mother nature is bringing as it is to arrive this evening. We do feel safe however being in the rv park as we are hooked up to power for a change instead of generator and water and sewer are available if needed.

I have not taken any pictures as yet as we just have not had good weather to do so. Will try to get some tomorrow of the aftermath of this storm.

Leslie and Heather, hope everyone had fun finding sheep.

Sue, Janet, Pam keep fertilizing my farm I will try to keep up. This is the first time I was able to get internet. Hopefully it will not be too much trouble now until we get to the moutains.

Hello Jackson, Hope you are feeling better. Hi Lilly hope you do not get what Jackson has. Love you lots.

Hello Wyatt, Taya, Piper, Nanah and Pah love you and miss you lots.

Hi Coly & Carter, Nanah and Pah have sent you something for Valentines day. You can pick it up at Nannies on Valentines Day. Love you guys and miss you.

Hello to my sister....love you lots

Hi Sally Sarah, Lindsay and of course Winston and Ellie Mae...Woof Woof..love you.

Woof Woof to Darla and Dexter too.

Oh, I forgot my favorite boys, Derek and Brad and Dan...hello and Dan I sent you a message on facebook.

Sarah, hope you checked your mail box for the list. I left it there the day we left home. I need to add two more people. Will call when I get the chance.

Must go now, take care love you all and miss you.


mom (Yvonne) (Nanah & Pah)

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