Blue People, Red State - Winter 2010 travel blog

As we spent the day driving north through Illinois, the temperature went down a bit and some of the trees were still in the process of opening their leaves. Other trees and bushes were blooming. One of the things I love about spending winter in the south is getting to have spring more than once. It was a lot of driving. The detour around Tennessee probably added six hours to the trip. Until we got into metropolitan Chicago, we were impressed by the quality of the roads and the frequency of the rest stops. The entire drive through Mississippi there had not been a place to pause and much of Alabama was bone jarring.

Every time we first arrive home after an RV trip, our moderate home feels like a mansion - so huge after life in a 10 X 40 space.

And now that we are here we have discovered that the convenient spot five minutes from our home where we store the motor home can no longer accommodate us due to zoning changes. We can only leave it by our house for 24 hours. If we don't find a substitute parking spot , we just may have to hit the road again!

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