A Tale of Two Cruises - early winter 2009 travel blog

Three continents, ten countries, two cruises, 41 days - quite a trip. That last flight from 80º Tampa to 25º Chicago was a shock to the system, no matter how often we've done it. Now it's back to reality and getting in the holiday mood.

Doing time zones one per day, made it easier to return to the one where we live, but we still got up three hours earlier than we usually do. But it really doesn't matter. One of the many joys of being retired is that usually we can do what we wish when we wish.

It is tempting to build a bon fire and burn all those black clothes we've been wearing non stop for the last six weeks. It will be nice to get them all clean again without paying $20 a load or waiting for hours for them to get dry. God bless the Maytag.

The little Windows laptop I tried out this time, was a pleasure to lug around, but not so fun to use. My fingers tangled themselves up on the little keyboard and I kept sending myself in contrary directions when accidentally hitting various function keys. I never could get the videos to upload properly - probably because I did not master the software adequately. It feels great to be back on the ever reliable, predictable Mac. The Kindle was a great success. It was easy to read; the font size is easy to change depending on light conditions. I could even purchase and download a new book in the middle of the sea.

Where should we go next?

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