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The Dustbuster away!......

The Cliff Lake hike at Big White

The Power Chair at Big White.

Our first night away.... snowing.

Always wanted to climb up a ski lift!

Hi Everyone,

This is the start of the the big adventure- a year with no work and the only fixed travel plans being EAST and then SOUTH. We left Kelowna on September 5th in an old Pontiac transporter van christened "the Dustbuster". A poor mans camper van, it boasts a mattress in the back, make-shift curtains on the windows, a roof storage container to hold the camping equipment, a plug in fridge and JUST enough room for the two of us. We came by this aesthetically displeasing van thanks to Kelly, with the only instructions being "Please take it, take it just make sure you don't bring it back!".

Because of a very poor weather forecast for the first weekend, we decided to skip camping at Manning Park and spend 2 nights at Big White with Darryl and Kelsey in a condo instead. We were very glad of our decision when it started to periodically thunder shower and snow. In between showers we managed to fit in some alpine hiking all across the ski field and while it was showering we did quite well at loosing at cards (we still owe you 10 bucks for poker Darryl).

On Monday morning we left Big White to drive down through the border to the USA, heading down to Yellowstone National Park. Homeland security was at it's highest at the Christina Lake crossing, with the border guard (who looked comical wearing shorts and a too strong Yankee accent) checking under our hood for who knows what and pretty much waving us through. We were itching to ask him to check the oil but thought better of it. Steve asked me if I felt more safe now that we were in the States and I think that the sign I saw in Spokane pretty much sums it up: "Gun Store, We sell ammo, silencers and grenades". Welcome to America!

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