A&E on the World Heritage Train East 2009 travel blog

Guesthouse courtyard, my room where the eaves meet

My room at night

Bukchong-Dong rooftops

Old and new skool Seoul

My new holiday home...

Korean riverside gym

Sons Shea and Marc

Marc and girlfriend Jess



Preamble: I have spent a fair bit of time learning Japanese, then about a week ago it occurred to me it might be useful to learn some Korean, as I'm going there first and most of them don't speak English! It is very complicated! They are even more polite than the Japanese, polite bits are added everywhere, but worse is that there are often different words for different levels of politeness. Could be interesting.

Sep 10/11: A nice last day with son Shea and then off I go. Bit of a trial getting here (Korea), beginning with a late overhot bus to Heathrow, and ending walking around with lots of stuff trying to find my hotel after the airport bus driver didn't stop at my stop, and the taxi I then took dropped me on the wrong road. But I worked it out eventually. On the way I noticed something I came to find is very common in Korea, the riverside paths are very developed and well used and even have exercise machines at intervals along them. You may also be interested to know that though the Korean diet is ostensibly very healthy in terms of content, how its cooked, etc, they have the highest rate of stomach cancer in the world, apparently as their food is so damn spicy! Suits me fine (though not really for breakfast).

Bad news is my laptop fan broke down on the way so I can't use it and have to find alternative means to upload pics, etc. Good news is my hostel is lovely and so is Korea so far. I am staying in Bukchon-Dong, an old district between a couple of the main palaces and where there is still a lot of traditional housing, and arty types doing up more all the time. 'Tis lovely. I have sliding paper doors like in the movies! And there are millions of great restaurants, I had a great meal in Insa-Dong, another nice area near me, though my chopstick technique is embarassingly rusty. And the locals are all thrilled with my basic Korean. The other photos are of my hostel and the immediate area.

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