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Well guys, how quickly has this come around? Not back from Sth America a month and I'm sleepless with excitement about my next escapade... Only two more sleeps!!!!

Just two more sleeps until I can lay around in a very balmy 35 degrees in London.... he he he!

Flight D72723 departing Melbourne at 0045hrs and arriving at Kuala Lumpur at 0700hrs, Tuesday July 7.

It will be great to have a night flight, which I intend to sleep through having booked an early morning city tour around KL. The tour of Malaysia's capital city will explore the charm of Kuala Lumpur with a skyline that blends the Old World with the New. Highlights will include Jamek Mosque, Chinatown, the majestic Royal Palace, Petronas Twin Towers and the National Museum.

Connecting flight D72002 departing Kuala Lumpar at 1600hrs and arriving at Stansted, London at 2300hrs, Tuesday July 7.

POST 8.40am

Made it safely to KL. The flight was a breeze, I was very lucky in that there were two free seats next to me. So... I basically laid down, fell asleep, awaking about 20 minutes before we landed! My first AirAsia experience was very pleasant.

And oh how lovely and WARM it is here, at 7.15am 26degrees!!!! YAY! I am at the airport 'Tune' hotel. A great little concept this place... very cheap, very convenient, just the basics but a great bed and a great shower.

About to head off on my tour, then returning for my next flight 6pm AEST.

The next leg went without hitch and by 12am UK time I was in the taxi to Takeley.

Takely is estimated to be over 5,000 years old. It has bronze-age, iron-age, Roman and even Neolithic roots.

Takeley is a village of some 1,000 homes in the county of Essex (England). Despite being surrounded by countryside it is notto far north of London and have Stansted (London's third airport).

The village used to be known as 'Takeley all on one side'. Until the local parish boundaries were revised after the last war, the main road was the southern limit of the parish. Only houses on the north side of the road were officially in Takeley.

The main road is the Roman Stane Street, joining the ancient Roman forts of Colchester and St. Albans. There is doubt if in Takeley the present road follows exactly the route of the original Roman road. This because when the sewer was put in, in 1959, trenches to a depth of 15 feet were cut in the main road and, although inspected daily, no sign of Roman relics of any kind was seen when one could have expected to see some remains of the Roman pavement.

In recent years the development of Stansted Airport, within the parish boundaries of Takeley, has brought mixed fortunes as regards our understanding of Takeley’s historical standing. Many archaeological digs have produced an abundance of evidence of Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman settlements, indeed a Sarsen Stone about 20 million years old was found in a Middle Bronze Age site (possibly used for ceremonial purposes) and now lies on display at the Four Ashes Crossroads. The considerable downside of this development is that these sites are now lost forever under the Airport and the threat of further development means that a considerable proportion of the village could soon join these sites under concrete.

A quick catch up with Dad before hitting the hay....

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