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Not the most exciting day, but a day of accomplishment. We arrived at the jack repair facility and were taken in at the appointed time. The repairman quickly determined that he needed to replace the pump and motor that puts the jacks down and in an hour he had done so. (Last time we were here the jacks would not go up. Apparently the two problems were not related??) Many RV'ers were here; at times the waiting room was standing room only. The repair facility has a tiny three rig campground where you can stay for free. The folks we left behind were jockeying for positions there. It sounded like some of them were planning to stay a lot longer than we wanted to. We've learned that free campgrounds are not really all that free.

Then we headed a bit further east to the world's largest truck stop. Next door was a Speedco facility, the Jiffy Lube of the 18 wheeler crowd. We only have to change the oil in the RV once a year, but when we do so, it's a big deal - seven gallons of oil. The technicians aren't used to dealing with the likes of us, but our needs are identical to the trucker's.

Not a fun day, but we will arrive home with a rig ready for the next adventure.

Tonight we are camped on the shore of the Mississippi River at an Army Corps of Engineers campground. They are economical for everyone, but especially so for those who have a senior citizen pass honored at all national facilities which lets us stay here for half price - $8. We've put our new jacks down and we're s stable as can be. It's peaceful and quiet here and we've enjoyed watching the big barges full of salt chugging by. Perhaps they are heading north to prepare for the snowy roads next winter. And for the first time since we camped at Zion NP, ths site comes with fire rings. We can celebrate the last night on the road with s'mores. It's a great spot. We may have to come back again in the fall.

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