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View from my balcony

Windy day at the beach

The border guard, looking through my hotel reservation print-outs (in date order obviously), said I was "almost TOO organized" and wondered if I'd put my documents together for the purpose of getting through the border. I explained that I'm just like that, and we had a laugh. At least I laughed. Anyway, he looked through the trunk and decided that new-lawyer-on-a-grand-canyon-adventure was a plausible story.

I had thought of driving down the Washington coast, but I started out later in the day than I'd planned. So, I got in an I-5 zone through Seattle and Portland (thankfully missing rush hour in both cities). I'm happy with the car so far, although it pulls to the left a little. From Portland, I took a windy secondary highway over the Coastal Range to the coast. I'd booked a room with an "ocean view" but that can mean anything, so I didn't have my hopes up. It was dark when I got here, but when I got out of the car I could hear waves. When I got up this morning, this was the view from my room ... that's Haystack Rock on the right.

So far, Cannon Beach is a bit like Tofino but bigger & more upscale. The server where I ate last night says all he does is "surf and serve". It's raining today .. I already had a work-out so will move on to the eating/reading/shopping part of the day.

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