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Lake Morris

Milla Milla Falls

Port Douglas United Dragons

Port St

Curtain Fig Tree

Beautiful Butterfly

Lake Tinaroo

We have now 9 days left before leaving Port Douglas. I have been in this little resort town for more than 5years, Lexi's been here for 4years. We made heaps freinds and good memories. It is sad to leave this great paradise town but we are going to see the rest of the world.

We have been planning and saving for this round the world trip for 2years. Now I can't remember how we started. It was just some holiday plan to start with, somehow it turned out to be round the world trip at the end.

We have been busy lately preparing for trip and leaving Port Douglas. Booking accommodations and tickets, getting vacinated, organising visas, cleaning the house, getting travel insurance, getting car serviced... and etc. We thought we planned and organised this well, but now we are running out of time.

We would like to thank our families and freinds, who supported us to do this trip in different ways, we are very lucky to be able to do such a big trip of our life time.

We hope that this travel journal will be a great way to keep everyone updated. We will try update it as often as possible.

Good Bye Port,

Lexi and Hiro

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