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Settling into one's new yard is an easy experience, especially if you are not the one driving. Each of us has our duties which makes for a smoother process. Yes, I'm still "organizing".

While enroute to tour the Sgt Alvin York exhibit, we passed through Fentress, Tn. It is rather humble & quaint as most of these little towns go; however, it seems infant Mark Twain did some marketing here, also. See the picture.

Sgt Alvin York's home and businesses were returned to the state of Tn Park system by his family. He noteriety came from single handedly holding off a squadron(s) of German soldiers and single handedly killing the most German soldiers at Argonne. Even the French awarded him their highest medal of honor.

Upon his return to Tn from the war, he married. As a tribute to him the Ruritans of Tn built him a house and gave him +300 acres of land. Gracie(wife) had a busy daily schedule-they fed up to 100 people per day. This included farm hands, visitors, business associates,etc. She birthed 10 children! One of them is a Tn Park Ranger today.

It was interesting to note Everything in the house is original-no period pieces. The contents were modest as he was not a wiz bang entrepeneur. Among his business ventures are grist mill, general store, technical school, and bible college for men.

Many may be wondering why we have chosen the forest-decompression. Purposefully, we have distanced ourselves from metropolitan areas. Sometimes you just have to get off the merry-go-round.

Thanks to Kim for "dressing up" our journal page. You know I didn't do that! Pretty soon the map will plot locations-stay tuned for progress.

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