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After seven weeks in Berkshire and one long weekend at a Bluegrass Festival in Rome, PA we are back on the road again. On Monday, September 29th we made the trip to Gettysburg, about 200 miles from Berkshire. We will be spending the next 2 weeks at the Granite Hill Camping Resort about 6 miles outside of Gettysburg. It is a nice campground but unfortunately no wi-fi. We did find a really neat small town library down the road in Fairfield that has wi-fi so although it isn’t very convenient we are still able to get online occasionally. There were very few campers here when we arrived on Monday but as usual it is starting to fill up for the weekend. Of course Gettysburg is famous for the Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address so the town has capitalized on that and there are a lot of the tourist attractions based on the Civil War. We took a guided tour to see the battlefield and we had a very knowledgeable tour guide who bought the battle to life. Then we went to the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center and spent a few hours touring the museum and gift shop, we watched a movie about the Civil War and the highlight of the museum was seeing the Cyclorama. This is an amazing circular painting depicting Pickett’s Charge. I don’t know how it is done but it looks like you are actually on the field with narration and lighting that really makes the painting seem to come to life. It has only been open for a few days so apparently we timed our visit at a good time. There was a Cyclorama here when I was here 30 years ago but it has been restored and this one is much more impressive. Another day we went to an outlet mall and the Boyd’s Bear store. That was a huge 3-story barn stuffed full of bears and a few other stuffed animals. There was a place where kids could make their own bear and a bear nursery for adopting a bear, very cute. Of course I had to buy a bear, just a little one. Yesterday we found this amazing craft store out in the middle of nowhere in a town called Two Taverns. From the outside it looked like a little gift shop but when we got inside it was huge and was stocked with every imaginable item that you would need for making crafts, like an AC Moore but way better. After that we drove to Hanover and stopped at a Snyder’s Pretzel factory outlet store.

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