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Mick's only cuddling the pretty one you may notice

Luckily because of the angle you can't see that Mick is actually...

Emma walked around like that all day getting fed and watered by...

Izzy & Molly are smiling because they've just buried Alfie somewhere behind...

Waiting for the rain!!!

The Pettet girls invade Billericay!!!

Ma & Pa Sheen about to eject someone without a ticket

Don't let the picture fool you, it really was fun!!!!


Seconds after this photo she was being rushed to A&E with 3...

It's the old "You hold the brolly I'll hold the booze" trick

Dec had really let himself go....

It's more of a Pettet Pie than a sandwich

From the look of Molly she hasn't been taught which way up...

After 3ft of rain the garden started to subside

Guy mistakes the camera for a cheese burger with onions

"Mum we're gaaaaan on Jeremy Kyle next week wiv my free boyfriends"

"but those are my free boyfriends an all!!! AHHH HAH HAH HAH""

Em celebrates her first burn-out and car torching

Don't like yours much!

Somebody found the Sangria!!!




Mum and Dads garden - Billericay 7th June 08

A big thank you to everyone who turned up for our "Going Away" BBQ. We had a lovely day and are still eating and drinking the leftovers!!!

Except for the Sangria though which was confiscated by the Rozzers!!!

Oh and also a big thank you to Mr Rain for making an appearance. A British BBQ wouldn't be the same without you!!!

Thanks again guys, see you next year!!!



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