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We arrived to Granada after a 12 hour plane ride (where we were seated apart!) from San Francisco to Frankfurt & Frankfurt to Madrid, immidiately followed by a 6 hour bus ride from Madrid. Our bodies had no idea of the time, and we basically dropped our stuff off at our hotel (right in the center of the city, fortunately)and went out. We found a tapas bar quite close, and had mucho vino and a real spanish tortilla. It takes the Spanish about 2 minutes to whip one up, whereas at home it is quite a process when we make them for tapas tuesday. We then walked all around Granada, and even though it was in the midnight hour, literally everyone, man, kid and dog were out as well. It is so beautiful here, so many fountains and flowers. We went to about 6 bars and made some spanish friends - Guillermo, Nacho, Marta, Sylvia, Jon, y Julio - that we stayed out with until 6. One of them could speak english very well, and the other 2 were fun to practice spanish with. As the night wore on, they had heard every spanish word I knew, in (and totally out of) context. But, when things became awkward, they just started quoting beavis and butthead. So we were always laughing. The next day we slept until just after 3pm, apparently jet lag had set in. No worries, the spanish had just finished their siestas. It was dia de la cruz, or day of the cross, and there were huge crosses made of roses set up in the plazas, where everyone was dancing and partying. We found a table at a cafe outside where we could drink amazing coffee and watch the dancing. It was lovely. We then walked around the city, with my jaw continually dropped at the beauty of Granada. At some point we ran into our friends from the night before and proceeded to basically relive the previous night´s insanity, about 8 bars, tapas, and a lot of dancing.

We have 4 days left here, I don´t know how my body can keep up with the spaniards!

Will post pictures when we can put our photos on the computer, probably in seville in 1 week.

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