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Memphis, TN is not ready for tourists, since all the sights we thought we would see do not open until APRIL 15TH!!! the Miss. Mud Island River Boat museum, the Phelan House Civil War museum, we drove thru the Beale Street Jazz/Blues section of town and "came upon" the Gibson Guitar Factory and Museum Tour we went to see how the famous guitars are made..fascinating! How they make that beautiful wood curve, bend and form into such wonderful musical objects..Paul loved the woodworking skills stuff and I loved the shapes, sounds..they were testing some ES335's..that's a term for the flat-electric guitars..they had Lucille...the one B.B. King played often and talked about Les Paul & Mary Ford and their inventiveness that Mr. Orville Gibson, from NewYork incorporated into his designs..we loved that history stuff. It is sunny, about 70+ and tomorrow we head off to Corinth (our campground is at Iuka,Mississippi)a state we will not have email capacity for about five days....sorry...will keep a "log" to add when we get contact and miss you all..paul & fran--we were serenaded last night to sleep by VERY loud wierd sounding frogs in the pond at the RV Park...that was a first. Had some Krispy Kreme "krullers" yumm...for breakfast...way too rich, but delicious..have not tried catfish..probably won't..forgot to tell about another funny sign along the Arkansas way: "WILL buy your used turkey and duck calls"...don't even want to imagine what a fellow does with those little wood whistle things!?! take care and God bless ya (paul & fran)

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