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Downtown Los Angeles

Well, I am at home in Los Angeles, anticipating a trip to Cancun, Mexico, in the Yucatan Penninsula of Central America. I will be going out there for a month and a half for a show to be titled "Gilligan's Island" (original, huh?). I am really excited to go down there because I have been planning my own personal trip to Central America for at least four years now.

I am really interested in Mayan archeology and I have been writing a script that is centered around certain "amazing" archeological discoveries found in Guatamala and the Yucatan. I had been planning a month long trip there to get a feel for the environment and to see the Mayan ruins, now I get to get down there on somebody elses dime!

It's true that Cancun, where we are staying, is a heavily touristed area, but we will actually be filming in a city about an hour south of Cancun, called Playa del Carmen. I should also have plenty of time to explore around on my own and at least get my feet wet in the environment of a foreign country, and hopefully make some connections in their local film industry in connection to my script. I am sure it will be an enlighting and exciting trip.

The only problem is that I still have two weeks before I leave! I am currently planning on departing August 30th and returning around October 15th. Check back soon to stay up to date on all my adventures in reality!

I miss you all,


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