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Planning our week in Paris-what's to do in this old town?

It's not an illusion-it's World Cup Rugby in Paris this week

Le Palais de Chaillot from the Eiffel Tower

The Seine river cuts through Paris-on the 3rd bridge (end of the...

Architecture of the Eiffel Tower base

We're looking for a relaxing balloon ride after climbing the tower...

C'est bon!

The courtyard outside The Louve

Vacationing wears me out!

Paris at night outside our restaurant


The Paris Metro

Entrance to the underground Metro near our apartment - (5th arrrondissment ((district)

Arc De Triomphe

Yes, walking to the monument is dicy-there's a lovely underground walkway that...

View from the Arc De Triomphe (East)

Top of the Arc Ma!

Such a cute little tower

Antique stairway gets you to the top of the Arc

The view from the Ferris Wheel-tres bon! The Oblisque de Louxor (right)...

A Ferris view of Paris

The Seine River walk is long and lazy-night tours by boat go...

River walk goes past Notre Dame

Former 14th century prison where during the Reign of Terror 2600 waited...

Paris sky

Sunset from our apartment balcony


Oh yeah...Holly's goat friend outside a restaurant in the Latin Quarter (that's...

Catacombs, Paris ~ the ghost towards the end is Holly.....

Catacombs, Paris - each stack of bones is marked from their "home"...

Catacombs, Paris

Catacombs, Paris

Catacombs, Paris

Catacombs, Paris

Sacre Coeur Church - Montmartre, Paris

Square Suzanne Buisson - St Denis the headless saint, Paris

Our Paris apartment - tres cute!

Paris apartment kitchen - tres petite!

Smooth traveling to France - remind us to tell you the stories about exploding luggage and Holly's pet goat.

The rest of the Paris entries includes the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dome, the catacombs (can't resist a good cemetery) a night cruise on the Seine and a dinner tonight tres elegante.

Au revoir!


New entries start with #12; parking looks chaotic, gas is extremly expensive and Paris driving looks like a distressing "adventure"); With no reason to rent a car here, we take the Metro everywhere; it's clean, cheap, safe and runs until 2am; Holly's internal compass assists in reading the French Metro maps. Its our last day here so off to Slovenia for 2 days; then we're back for a lazy driving trip north to the Normandy coast; we miss evryone alredy - hope all is well!

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