Lucy and Steves BIG ADVENTURE travel blog

After 10 hours on the plane Lucy was still looking as glamorous...

Steve relaxes at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

This ones for Susie .... Fred Astair.

Lucy with the Hollywood Hills in the background.

Our first meal...Steve has a burger for breakfast and we get smiley...

A view of LA from the Hollywood Hills.. while on the stars...

Steve cools off during the LA heatwave..over 100 degrees!!!

Sculpture garden on the UCLA campus, Barbara Hepworth Sculpture. Where's Lucy.

The Beverly Wiltshire Hotel - where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts stayed...

Fine dining in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Budget...what budget!

Arrived safely in LA after 10+ hour flight and two hours waiting at the airport.

We are staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt...fantastic hotel where they held the 1927 oscars, right at the start of the walk of fame, on Hollywood Boulevard.

The Chinese Theater is right across the road so we have looked at hand and footprints of the stars. For our first US breakfast we wnt to Jonny Rockets the place of 'The Original hambuger' where Steve had a burger for breakfast and the best vanilla milkshake you've ever tasted.

We took a tacky tour of the stars homes and saw Posh and Becks new pad aswell as Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, Sean Connery etc. So much money in Beverly Hills, every other car is a Bentley!

It has been so hot over here that on Sunday afternoon we decided to chill out by the pool at our hotel, however the hotel had a special party on because of Labour day (Mon 3rd Sept). So many beautiful people partying around the pool there wasn't room for two more!!! Actually Steve and I wished we hadn't had burgers for breakfast at that point!

On Labour Day (Mon 3rd Sept.) we decided to try out the local transport. We got a bus to UCLA where on the campus there is a sculpture park with works by Barbara Hepworth, Henri Moore and others. The university campus was amazing, green and quiet.

We decided to walk to Beverly Hills, not quiet realising how far it was, so after walking for about 2 hours in over 100 degree heat we got on another bus. Nobosy walks anywhere here so the sidewalks are often deserted and some places there are no sidewalksj at one point when we were kind of lost we ended up walking along peoples front gardens!!! Thought we were going to get arrested!

We finally got to Rodeo Drive, had lunch in McCormick and Schmiks seafood restaurant and then did some window shopping.

Took wrong bus home and nearly ended up in downdown LA... ahhhh. Realised our mistake and hopped off the bus pretty quick but at this point we were so tired of the crazy buses we decided to get a taxi back to the Hotel!!!

Off to Universal studios today (Tues 4th) and onto Vegas tomorrow.

Have a nice day :-)

Lucy and Steve

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