Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

Me, very chuffed and very cold, Everest Base Camp, Tibet, 2004 Trip

Me attempting explorer pose by Amazon river, 2006 Trip

What a beautiful girlfriend!

Erica, the adventurous girlfriend, in Peru

I said she was adventurous!

My sons laughing at one of my jokes (for a change)

Son Marc, in his combat parka, hangin' with the boyz from the...

Son Shea, Al-Qaeda Summer Camp

Son Shea in Iceland before his Al-Qaeda phase

My Russian pals from San Francisco Vlad and Marina (the two on...

My passport, in case I lose it and they make me stay....

Erica's passport, in case she is abducted by aliens, very common in...

My travel, insurance, in the unlikely event I get robbed or otherwise...

On this page are pics of important stuff, like kids, girlfriend, passports, and lastly, me. I'm pretty much sorted and ready to go now, have a rough itinerary worked out, at least for California and the first half of when Erica is with me. And very much looking forward to it! I've linked it to Las Vegas, as that is where my trip starts from within the US of A, but actually I am in Bristol now!

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