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Loaded and ready to roll once again

We have been very busy the past week or so since my return from Alaska. It seems the preparations to leave the house behind for an extended absence is way more work than simply getting things ready for the trip.

Janine has been working her butt off getting the house ready and making arrangements for lawn cutting, mail pick-up, cat feeding, fridge emptied, etc., etc. etc. Like a normal husband I have been very diligent at looking busy washing the bike, riding it to Calgary for a rear tire change, loading map software on my new notebook computer, and so on. (All the easy stuff.)

I must say I am totally impressed with Janine's packing. I figured it would take several attempts to whittle her stuff down to a managible amount but in fact she had no problem getting everything into the two tiny little stuff sacks I handed her.

We have taken very little off the bike since my return from Alaska. Primarily the long johns I never actually used and a few small items. We have added Janine's clothes, etc. as well as her sleeping bag & mattress and the notebook computer we decided to add since I had so much trouble finding internet cafe's on the last trip.

We had the bike fully loaded by Saturday and took it for a test ride to Calgary & back. Once again I was surprised that we did not see a need to adjust or change anything. The bike is definately a little heavier but feels good and handles well.

We are good to go! Monday morning we plan to head straight east toward Saskatoon using secondary highways and backroads once we get beyond Castor, AB and plan to cross the Saskatchewan border on a gravel backroad near a point on the map called Bodo, AB. Not sure if it is a town or just a rail siding.

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