First Winter Away - 2005 travel blog

with our home away from home

Although we think of ourselves as experienced travelers, it is daunting to prepare for four months away. It is hard to imagine how people used to RV full time before the invention of cell phones, satellite dishes, and bill paying on-line. We will worry about loved ones we leave behind, although they must be used to our comings and goings by now. We have never left on an RV trip in the winter. The bitter cold we endured Christmas week reminded us that we need to think about items that might freeze in the trailer and be destroyed such as contact lenses and shaving cream. Our wagon master who will guide us through Mexico called the other day and mentioned that we will not be able to leave our slide outs open during the night while we are in the Copper Canyon area. This new information lead to much mental packing and unpacking of clothing - less shorts and sandals, more sweaters and mittens. The cold has also caused the pipe that carries the water away from our house when the sump pumps to freeze. We think we can get it thawed out and working again before we leave, but this makes us wonder what else will go wrong with the house while we are gone. But most of all the cold reminds us why we are doing this. What a treat it will be to feel comfortable outside all day long - to ride bikes, picnic, hike and visit with new acquaintances - in the months that have always meant freezing tmeperatures, commuting in the darkness, and hard work in our past lives.

We wonder if we will feel lonely or tire of being with one another 24 hours a dayl Surely all the technology and reading matter we are stowing in the trailer will continue to bring us new ideas. Being in new places will broaden our horizons and hopefully also broaden our thinking as we move into our golden years. But overall as those pension checks keep automatically depositing in our bank accounts we feel as if w have won the lottery. How lucky we are to have the time and good health to have this adventure.

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