Broadening Our Horizons - May 2007 travel blog

The day started in Elkhart with a visit to an RV we liked at the beginning of this trip. After all our research, lessons from others, and discussion, this rig did not look nearly as nice as it did when we saw it first. A lot of RV's are constructed like Hollywoods sets. We've seen some beautiful RV's with great floor plans, but when you started opening the drawers and looking in the engine compartment, it became clear that these were not rigs designed to travel the many miles that we have been traveling. The quality construction that wise consumers look for in a residence, is even more important in an RV that is going to shake, rattle and roll down the road. Although this rig was immaculate in the inside, and very low in mileage, when we opened compartments underneath, we saw a lot of rust. We know it came from Connecticut and it looked like it must have sat in moist, perhaps even salty air. How long would it be before these parts began causing problems? We were offered a great price, but our hearts and heads said no.

Now we are home wondering what our next move should be. We have had no response from the doctor that owns the rig we like the most and cost the most. Bite the bullet? Wait to see if it gets sold over the upcoming holiday weekend? Keep looking?

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