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Galveston Seawall

Sweltering humidity was on the weather menu for the day. We are all ready for and excited about our cruise.

As the song goes, our bags are packed and we're ready to go; but, first a little clean-up around the motor home is needed. With such a small amount of space, packing is always a chore. So, I cleaned up and vacuumed and Joe took Foxy for her last long walk before she goes to the kennel. Joe also took care of all the things to secure our home while we're gone for the next week.

We loaded up our bags and Foxy too and headed for the kennel. Amazingly, she went in willingly enough. We had taken her in previously so she could get the feel of the place (and so we could check it out). The staff seem really nice and caring; so, with Foxy safely tucked away, we headed north toward Galveston.

This was a nice, relaxing ride through some pretty rural coastal area of Texas along the Gulf Coast. We stopped for lunch in Port Lavaca at a greasy spoon place called Skillets. Food was passable and reasonably priced. After consuming a gallon of coffee, I needed a bathroom break by the time we reached Bay City.

We were in Galveston in no time and checked in at our home for the night at the Baymont Inn & Suites. It's situated a little off Seawall across from the water and they provide free parking for guests going on cruises...works for us and saves us around $70 in parking fees. We plan to take a taxi to the pier tomorrow.

After we checked in, we took a walk to Wal-Mart and picked up a few last-minute things. Then we had dinner at Casey's, a super good seafood place a few blocks away. When we returned to the Jeep, there was a fine coating of mist and salt on the windows...reminds us of our days living in Boston....can just imagine how quickly cars must rust around here.

We returned to the hotel and Steve called and gave us a report on their successful bus trip to Branson. We're settled in for the night and looking forward to sailing tomorrow

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