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As usual, we didn't wait up for the New Year. We went to bed after watching TV for a while. We figure the New Year has been coming around for a lot of years and doesn't need us to see that it happens.

We are in Yuma at the SKP RV park. We have a great site and are enjoying the sun. Our days are made up of usual household chores, shopping at the Arizona Marketplace and trying to figure out if our computer will ever get fixed (it didn't - I am typing this on our new Toshiba).

The computer died as we tried to set up the satellite dish back before Christmas. Since I could still use the old Toshiba I let it go until we got back to Yuma after spending Christmas with Ron's Mom and Sister and family.

Once in Yuma - I asked help of some other SKPs but they suggested I try a repair shop. I found a good one but for some reason the computer will not load the XP operating system. He was able to recover most of my data, however, all I lost was my calendar program which I can probably re-create.

So the rest of our stay in Yuma was spent reloading programs and installing a 250 gig external hard drive for backup.

We then moved to Quartzsite for our first taste of boondocking in the desert and attending this phenomenon.

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